About Hack-A-House

Hack-a-House is a 24-hour "hackathon"-style competition created to tackle the afforable housing crisis in Utah. Students and professionals alike are encouraged to engage with leading local and national voices in an exploration of housing affordability. Through innovation, participants can help solidify economic opportunity for vulnerable populations and win up to $3,000 in cash prizes.

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Competition Format



01. Parameters

Participants will receive information on a hypothetical plat the day of the competition.  The parameters given on the lot are chosen to reflect the circumstances commonly found in a larger area of the Salt Lake Metropolitan Zone.  The zoning, size, and building codes will require teams to overcome real-world limitations faced by real estate developers, builders, architects, policy makers, and financial institutions in the Salt Lake Valley.

Proposals are required to be submitted within the 24-hour timeframe of the competition.  Winners will be announced at 7:00 PM on September 8th so no late proposals will be considered by the judges. Teams are cautioned against coming to the competition with pre-prepared work, this is not in the spirit of a hackathon and is evident when the judges review proposals. 

02. Scoring

All participants with housing focused proposals who meet this requirement will be eligible to win. Ideas will be judged first based on the feasibility of the solution and second on the uniqueness of the proposal. Teams are encouraged to pursue innovative and scalable solutions which cross sectors and can be applied broadly to a segment of the housing market in addition to fitting the particular parameters provided the day of the competition.

03. Prizes

An overall prize of $3,000 cash will be awarded to the winning team whose idea combines innovation in housing finance, policy, and design into a realistic and unique proposal.

Three additional teams will be recognized with cash awards totaling $2,000. 


Email us at info(at)ivoryinnovations.org

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