Ivory innovations

HH - Winners - 2018 - U of U


After 24 hours of brainstorming, researching, innovating, and planning dozens of groundbreaking ideas emerged in the final presentations. To see the winning teams and their ideas, check out the links below.

HAH winners.jpg

First Place - $2000

This years winners, Tyson Williamson, Eden Wairepo, and David Lewis IV, approached housing affordability from a designer’s standpoint with low costs in mind. Their combination of design and finance innovation lead them to the grand prize of $2000.

Team 9.jpg

Second Place - $1000

Two teams took home a $1000 second place prize. Team 9, Mitch Vance, Rebecca Rasmussen, Kevin Huang and Nick Wittaker developed a three-pronged approach consisting of various incentives to solve the issues of housing affordability.

Team 31.jpg

Third Place - $500

The third place team, Nathan Le Duc, Brayden Stevens, and Anson Call combined the German design of passive house with tiny house into one solution to housing affordability.

Team 16.jpg

Fourth Place - $250

Nick Liddell, Jay Gibson, and XiaoXuan Xu created a solution by utilizing shipping containers with a permanent dock structure to reduce housing costs.

Team 12.jpg

Second Place - $1000

Team 12 winners, McKenna Pitts, Tanner Burton, Benjamin Roberts and Sharisse Bevan, also took home a second place prize of $1000 for their combination of policy, finance, and design solutions.

Team 15.jpg

Fourth Place - $250

Two teams also tied for fourth place with a prize of $250. Ryann Gill, Sam Bemis, Natasha Fisher, and Taylor Winsness developed a modular solution with communal living spaces to help reduce costs.